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Low code, No code tools and platforms effectively accelerate the digital transformation of organizations. These platforms employ visual tools to define data, logic, flows, forms, and other application artifacts without writing codes. This enables users with little to no technical knowledge build customer and enterprise applications. Organizations achieve business agility and cost optimization through citizen development.

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The Enterprise-Friendly Low-Code & No-Code Development Platform
In today's digital world, organizations constantly look for emerging technologies to be more agile and responsive to changing business needs. One such emerging technology is low-code development, which has become increasingly popular and vital as it helps businesses quickly and efficiently create applications to meet their goals. Whether you're a business leader or an IT expert, this blog has everything you need to know about low-code development.
  • CodeLess Application Platform (CLAP)
  • Native Intelligence (NI)
  • Pre-configured and pre-built components
  • Bring Business and IT together
  • Manage from a central console
Power of Low-Code with Simplicity of No-Code
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Application Builder

Design tailor-made applications from scratch, or use pre-built templates that suit your needs with minimal coding. Be it employee portals or operational dashboards or specific workflows to optimize internal processes, cut down your development time greatly.

Custom UI

Build pages with forms, widgets, custom analytics, and manage access permissions based on users’ roles. Set customized landing pages based on these roles and enable users to navigate accordingly.

Developer Sandbox

Accelerate your time to deployment by enabling your testing and development teams to work in tandem with end-users. Optimize application design, identify bugs, and deliver a streamlined developer experience.

Application Deployment

Deploying applications isn’t rocket science anymore. Validate and deploy applications, extend the code, modify your app’s capabilities, and keep releasing new builds seamlessly.

Extensive Integrations

Yes, we work well with others too. NEXWARE Low-Code supports multiple integrations with some of the most widely used ERP, CRM, and other core utility platforms to make you get the most out of it.

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Experience the Simplicity of No-Code with the Power of Low-Code

Transmit your application to a cloud server with assured security and for steady performance.

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On your own cloud

Hosting on virtual servers from physical networks for refined operations.

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