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Quality Assurance Service

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Why NEXWARE for Quality Assurance Services

NEXWARE has a next-gen QA & Software Testing Services provider co-headquartered in Japan and India with test labs in Japan and offshore test labs in India. NEXWARE's QA Experts provide comprehensive suite of testing services that covers Test Advisory, Functional and Non-Functional testing specializing in Automation, Digital, DevOps, Agile, Web, Mobility, AI/ML.

NEXWARE is pioneering the next-gen Continuous Testing practices with a team of modern testers focused on test automation, CI/ CD, and shift left methodologies. With its in-house testing solutions, global pool of International Certified skilled testers, specialist testing approach, and global delivery model, NEXWARE QA Experts are helping its clients transform their QA function to dramatically reduce production defects, reduce QA cycle times up to 80% and lower overall QA costs up to 60%. NEXWARE in Testing front partners with leading organizations ranging from start-ups to large enterprises across various industries globally to deliver ‘ready for business systems.

Functional Testing

We provide end to end manual testing services for your functional testing needs with a foundation of matured test processes, in-house accelerators, and experience of all industry-leading functional testing tools.

We undertake the complete responsibility for the testing activities from creating an optimized test plan to post production support. We adopt a user-centric testing approach, delivering continuous value improvement in our engagements. We ensure complete traceability of the business requirements to the test cases designed and executed for extensive test coverage. As a professional company for manual testing, we provide extensive reporting with customized dashboards at regular intervals to keep you on top of the testing progress and defects.

Performance Testing

NEXWARE help you predict application behaviour and performance in a simulated, real-life environment, thus saving you from unpleasant events later, which frustrate customers and impact profitability.

We ensure the application is responsive and reliable enough to respond to peak load days and can also scale to other future events like product releases, acquisitions, new clients, regulatory changes and ongoing business growth. We also ensure the applications can meet any contractual obligations and SLAs for performance.

Security Testing

Any security breach can have wide-spread and far-reaching impacts including loss of customer trust and legal repercussions. To avoid this situation, we recommend security testing services for your application.

NEXWARE, with its team of Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH), can ensure that your application is secure from any vulnerabilities, and meets the stated security requirements like confidentiality, authorization, authentication, availability and integrity.

Usability Testing

Do your customers have to navigate through a maze of actions on your application to achieve what they need to? Are your customers leaving your website without completing the purchase, since they could not find the right link or page?

These problems can be avoided with Usability Testing, giving customers smooth sailing to do what they want on the application.

Poor usability can affect your customer loyalty, putting a direct impact on your sales and brand reputation. The application should be easy to learn, use and navigate and should meet customers’ expectations. Software usability testing will help you identify all the usability issues before the application is released to the end users, providing an intuitive user experience for your customers.

Regression Testing

Regression testing is a reliable way to ensure that the applications remain defect-free even after frequent changes. It also ensures that the recent changes have not broken any existing functionality. It helps to find bugs in a new software release and to ensure that the previous bugs are fixed.

At NEXWARE, we follow an iterative method to test several aspects of the updated software application. We follow an Agile approach which supports us in handling unexpected software behaviour.

Test Automation
Our Test Automation Framework helps customers test the emulation & behaviour of multiple API & Cloud-based apps, service-oriented architectures (SOA), and microservices, thereby making all applications under test (AUT) available for development & testing purposes.
Our Service Virtualization practice enables enterprises to quickly simulate and easily manage test environments for bringing high-quality software to the market faster at significantly lower costs.
We use the best industry tools and software sets to test your web and mobile applications
Quality assurance tools & technology stack
Tools Technology
Automated tools Java, TestNG, JS, Spring boot, Swift, Appium, Apache, SQLserver, JSON, MongoDB, XSS, .NET
Manual tools Jira, Test Rail, Test link, Postman, OWASP, BURPSUITE, W3sf
Web platform Selenium, Katalon Test studio, Nightwatch.js
Mobile Appium, Katalon test studio
API Testing Rest assured, Postman

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