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For every business, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is integral for efficient management of various components part of it. The software facilitates the collection, storage, management and interpretation of data from various different business activities for clear and concise projection.

Nexware has strong foundation, expert knowledge, rich experience with SAP, a market leader in ERP solutions. We have accomplished several successful implementations for various clients from different industries.

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SAP - Specialist

Our SAP specialists are highly trained resources of different calibers and expertise. Hands on approach towards the market, Japanese communication proficiency, global expertise, in sync with the software and technology makes Nexware a fore runner.

Our SAP CONSULTANTS form the top tier. A SAP CONSULTANT at Nexware has 10+ years of experience. They specialize in requirements gathering, are knowledgeable on Japan as well as global markets, possess very good communication skills in Japanese. Strategical in performing fit and gap analysis

We have SAP team leads who oversee the working of different teams. A SAP team lead has minimum of 5 years of working experience in Japanese as well as global markets. They involve actively in the design phase of the implementation including creating design documents.

Our SAP Developers carry out the implementation of solutions. They can develop solutions in case of unavoidable gaps in the requirements. With 2-5 years of working experience in Japan, they are proficient SAP implementations using ABAP and HANA.

SAP - A powerful Solution

An acronym for Systems, Applications and Products, SAP has been a very powerful ERP solution implemented globally across different industries and areas. The ERP suite caters to different categories with its modules covering accounting, logistics, human resources, technology, business intelligence (BI), customer relationship management (CRM), supplier relationship management (SRM), etc,.

Complete Implementation Cycle

Nex-Gen boasts of expertise and experience to provide every service involved in implementing SAP as a solution for your business. We provide consultancy services, design services, actual implementation services (development), and management services. With services encompassing all stages, it helps to provide our customers the best of solutions in a smooth manner.

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